Who We Are

Welcome to Quality First Home Improvement, Inc. Quality First is not just our name, it’s our motto and our mission. Every time we hear the name Quality First, it is a reminder that we provide quality service, along with professionalism, the very first time to our customers.

At Quality First we have the attitude that the “REST of my life is the BEST of my life.” While our competition is going out of business and blaming the economy, we at Quality First have a glass half- full attitude and continue to shatter records year after year. You will hear Chairman of the Board/CEO Gary Kluck say that “Positive things happen to positive thinking people.”  It’s one of his favorite quotes!

To show our appreciation and gratitude to our employees at Quality First, we hold quarterly & annual awards to recognize our top performers. Our annual “Evening of the Stars” is a black-tie event, which all of the employees look forward to each year.

We believe that each employee contributes to Quality First Home Improvement’s growth and success and hope you will take pride in being a member of our team.